WTGBET DraftKings, Miller and Coors present new twist on $500,000 Super Bowl ad
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DraftKings, Miller and Coors present new twist on $500,000 Super Bowl ad

Updated:2024-03-30 09:04    Views:190

The ‘High stakes Beer Ad’ will allow fans the chance to win money by betting on the commercial the trio will air. It's a new twist – betting on adverts, as well as the game itself.

The prize pool is comprised of $500,000, the biggest non-sports-based prize winnings in DraftKings’ history. Players will attempt to guess the details of the ad ahead of time, such as what beer is mentioned first and how many people featured have facial hair.

Predictions can be made online now and the team behind it made multiple endings, keeping even Coors’ CEO in the dark over which version will air.

Michelle St. Jacques, Molson Coors’ CMO, said of the Super Bowl ad: “After being shut out of the big game for more than 30 years,Online Casino Games for Real Money we wanted to do something that had never been done before.

“By giving people the chance to predict every detail of the ad before it even runs, we’re bringing our fans along for the ride and getting them just as excited about our return to the big stage as we are.”

Meanwhile, Jay Danahy, Head of Brand Partnerships and Ad Operations at DraftKings, added: “The NFL championship is one of the most highly anticipated sports games in the world, a true Americana event that garners tremendous engagement for the product on the field as much as the commercials that air during stoppages in play.

“We are thrilled to be working with Molson Coors on an innovative free-to-play game leading into the big game that we believe will delight the hard-core skin-in-the-game sports fan, as well as casual fans tuning in for more than just the main event.”