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  • 2024-05-05 13:58:30Stunning Profile Pics with Slots for Your Favorite Photos!
  • Are you tired of boring and uninspiring profile pictures? Do you want to stand out and show off your favorite photos in a unique way? Look no further, because stunning profile pics with slots for your favorite photos are here to save the day! Gone ar... [More...]
  • 2024-04-27 15:05:21Unleash the Excitement Free Online Slots with Free Spins!
  • Unleash the Excitement: Free Online Slots with Free Spins!Are you ready to experience the thrill and excitement of playing online slots? With free spins, you can enjoy all the fun and excitement of spinning the reels without spending a dime. Free onl... [More...]
  • 2024-04-24 12:21:40Unleash the Ultimate Winning Strategy with Hacks Slots!
  • Unleash the Ultimate Winning Strategy with Hacks Slots!Are you tired of relying solely on luck when playing slots? Do you want to find a way to increase your chances of winning big? Look no further than Hacks Slots! These innovative tools and strateg... [More...]
  • 2024-03-30 09:03:11Betfred extends sponsorship deal with The Derby
  • The announcement revealed that the company has secured naming rights to the two-day fixture at Epsom Downs, officially becoming the title sponsor of the Betfred Derby Festival. This partnership extension with The Jockey Club, lasting at least until... [More...]
  • 2024-03-25 14:44:11Shetland gambling policy under review
  • The Shetland Licensing Board has approved a 12-week consultation period for its gambling policy. The decision was made during a meeting held at Lerwick Town Hall, where council members came together to discuss and set the terms of the consultation.... [More...]
  • 2024-03-21 15:09:56Scientific Games signs deal with Lotto Hessen in Germany
  • Scientific Games has signed a contract to provide German-based Lotto Hessen with over 2,000 of its Contour.v lottery retailer technology terminals. The Contour.v terminals allow for contactless player interactions, mobile scanning and HD screens for... [More...]