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Shetland gambling policy under review

Updated:2024-03-25 14:44    Views:87

The Shetland Licensing Board has approved a 12-week consultation period for its gambling policy.

The decision was made during a meeting held at Lerwick Town Hall, where council members came together to discuss and set the terms of the consultation.

The consultation will remain open until December 25, providing residents and stakeholders with time to voice their opinions and concerns.

Although officials recommended maintaining the current gambling policy without any revisions, the consultation aims to gather feedback on potential concerns from the community. This approach aims to allow for an inclusive examination of the existing policy and its potential impact on various stakeholders.

The licensing board acknowledged that the policy review had been overdue by over a year, emphasising the importance of revisiting and refining their gambling regulations.

Shetland's relationship with gambling was previously brought into focus in 2019 when the licensing board adopted its current Statement of Gambling Licensing Principles, which is designed to provide guidance to potential applicants on adhering to the law for a three-year period.

During this revision, a new clause was added, requiring gambling premises license applicants to establish policies for identifying and supporting "vulnerable" individuals.

This addition aimed to address concerns about gambling issues,Play Casino Online particularly those related to online gambling, which some believe might be a hidden problem in the region.

Lerwick, the largest town in the Shetland Islands, currently has only one licensed gambling premises, Shetland Turf Accountants.

Shetland's gambling landscape comprises not only licensed gambling premises but also gaming machine permits, club gaming permits and numerous small society lotteries.